The Future of Clean Transportation: Sodium-ion Batteries

The lithium-ion battery is the highest energy density battery technology currently in existence commercially. It is no surprise that for electric vehicle (eV) applications, it is the go-to battery around the world.

But for India to copy other countries and champion only lithium-ion technology at the start of an anticipated eV revolution could mean it is largely dependent on China for its supply chain. India could then be dependent on the Middle East for its oil and China for other parts of its energy supply chain.

This poses a crucial energy security issue. Instead, sodium-ion battery manufacturing would align well with India’s ‘Make in India’ policy. This will enable it to take global ownership of the industry. An Industry wherein India would otherwise have to compete with, or depend on, China.

This article is written by Dr. Ashish Rudola. It was launched at a series of high-level events that Bridge India conducted in Delhi and Bangalore in November 2019. The event engaged policymakers, industry leaders, investors and academics on India’s energy security and the future of battery technology in India.

Ashish Rudola Author


Battery scientist at Faradion, based in Sheffield. He was earlier a Research Fellow at the National University of Singapore, where he completed his PhD in sodium-ion batteries.

Published Date

November 24, 2019

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