Soft Power

JLF London

Bridge India partners with JLF London, which bring its signature power-packed literary discourse to the city

Bridge India is delighted to be a Partner for JLF London at the British Library, organised by Teamwork Arts. The event will take from 7th to 9th June 2024. The...

Gen. Hoshiyara Singh's ancestral home

My Discovery of a ‘Victorian Sword’ in a Sleepy Hamlet of Jammu and its Connection to Gilgit’s History

Its monsoons and my ancestral mountains are overflowing with water. Green forests stare glaringly at the cloudy sky as I make my way riding pillion with my father to Rampur-Rasool,...

The Wonder That’s Sanskrit

Is My Jammu Village Standing on a Civilisational Catchment?

People of the mountains in my region haven’t preserved history in the written form the way the modern world does. But somewhere embedded in the cultural beliefs there are things...

Jammu and Kashmir in 1946 - Map of India India by National Geographic

Small Piece of a Family’s History Could be Missing Chunk in Kashmir’s Puzzle

There was an ancient route from Kashmir to Haridwar traversing through the shivalik ranges of Jammu that brought traders, seekers and invaders to India. Haridwar is a pilgrimage town of...

Open Letter to Prime Minsiters of the UK and India to express concern on religious freedom in Karnataka

Open letter to the Prime Minister regarding religious freedom in India

To: The honourable Prime Ministers of the UK and India We write to you today as members and representatives of Indian diaspora civil society organisations and, most importantly as British...

Rise of India as a Global Soft Power

The rise of India as a global soft power

India is an enlightened nation with a vibrant soft power inheritance. The country is vividly conscious of the weight of its cultural engagement and requires putting in little more effort...

Women in Indian parliament

India’s parliament sees women leaders championing the politics of equality

The citizens of the Indian sub-continent saw a new dawn in 2019 when India had a 14% representation of women in Parliament, a welcome and much needed growth. The steady...

British-Indian philanthropist

The state of British-Indian philanthropy

If you are clued up on philanthropic giving, it’s safe to say you will have heard of IT billionaire Azim Premji. The tech mogul recently confirmed his place as one...

Dr Kamini Gupta Incredible India soft power event

India’s Soft Power: Empowering people to share their ‘Incredible Indian’ story

India’s soft power has increasingly enabled Indians to share their “Incredible India” and “Incredible Indian” stories. Does India do enough or is it underselling itself? This article follows on from...

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

– Mahatma Gandhi