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Lathi charge torture legislation India

The path for Indian torture legislation: Where are we now and where should we go?

The lathi has become a symbol synonymous with the police force in India, where everyday discourse has normalised and accepted the state-sanctioned use of violence. Ved Marwah writes for the...

Dr Raghuram Rajan

Ideas for India 2023 brings together ministers, central bankers, policy and business leaders from across the world

The second edition of Bridge India’s flagship Ideas for India conference was part of the inaugural India Week, which saw more than 900 attendees attend from six countries. Ideas for...

Rishi Sunak Asia Pacific Trade Deal

Asia Pacific Trade Deal Highlights Indian Potential

When Rishi Sunak’s government hailed the new Asia Pacific trade deal as ‘the most important since Brexit’, it was putting an optimistic spin on a pretty marginal agreement. Official figures...

Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi

Sheikh Hasina’s hopeful India visit

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s three-day official India visit is coming up from 5th September. Last time Hasina was in India was in 2019 three years ago, before the global...

Improving the diversity of Indian institutions 1

Improving the diversity of Indian institutions

Indian institutions are not diverse and are not representative of the population and this skews the outcomes they deliver to different segments of the Indian population. Despite contrary empirical evidence...

Rahul Gandhi at Ideas for India

Bridge India’s inaugural Ideas for India conference brings together 500+ stakeholders from across India and the world

LONDON, May 23, 2022: The inaugural edition of the Ideas for India conference ended on Friday after three days of rich discussion on public policy. The three-day event on 18-20...

Mahatma Gandhi - Ishant Mishra Unsplash

India paves the way for CSR and a more sustainable future

From the wealthy West to the global South, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has now become a mainstream concept. But did you know that India (in 2014) was the first country...

Narendra Modi Bilateral Investment Treaties

Bilateral Investment Treaties: Why India needs a rethink

A recent report by the Standing Committee on External Affairs shows how there are two missing pieces to the puzzle for India’s model for its BIlateral Investment Treaties. The recent...

Women Farmers in India

Oxfam India: 1% Surcharge on richest 10% to reduce inequality

The gap between the top 10% asset holders and the bottom 10% is 500 times in rural India but is shockingly 50,000 times in urban areas, Oxfam, the British founded...

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

– Mahatma Gandhi