Tom Joseph

Tom M. Joseph is a self-driven edupreneur and has been an active profile in the Education and Training industry in India and abroad for a decade.

He is one among the founding member at ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation); UK based Education and Skilling company having global operations. ISDC is working with large number of UK Professional Bodies and Universities across the globe. Tom sits at the board of many ISDC Companies in the UK and in India.

He has been handling the Strategy for ISDC since its inception. His responsibilities include the design and development of new education products, sustainable education processes, market & brand strategies for the company. He has proven his skills for designing innovative education and skill development models, physical & digital education infrastructure creation, sustainable M&A Practices in the Education sector.

Tom also represents ISDC at the Institute of Analytics (IoA) which is the global professional body for Data Science & Analytics and at the AI Society International, a society for advancement in Artificial Intelligence and Education.

Tom works as a part of Senior Leadership Team of JAIN University in India as the Director of New Initiatives ; his role is to ensure the right strategies for the group to keep the brand being timely relevant. He also sits at the Advisory and Governing Councils of many Universities & Professional Bodies.

Tom works closely with the Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team at ISDC to ensure the right strategies for ISDC to keep the brand being timely relevant. He has educated from the United Kingdom – Master’s Degree in International Business & Strategy and holds many professional body memberships such as Institute of Leadership, Chartered Management Institute, Etc.

Tom travels quite frequently to many International Markets and work closely with the various International Organizations and Local Governments.
Under his Strategic Leadership; ISDC has expanded to many international markets, introduced dynamic products, acquired many education models and also created high value JVs & Partnerships with various organizations.

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

– Mahatma Gandhi