Rt Hon Keith Vaz

The Rt Hon Keith Vaz is the Chairman of the Integration Foundation, was a former Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as well as Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee and the longest-serving Indian-origin UK MP.

Vaz is a highly educated individual, having earned a law degree from Cambridge University before qualifying as a barrister and practicing law. He was first elected to Parliament in 1987 and went on to hold a number of significant positions, including Minister of State for Europe and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Vaz is known for his commitment to promoting human rights and has been involved in several international initiatives aimed at promoting democracy and good governance. He is a respected figure in British politics and has made significant contributions to public life over the course of his career, including advocating for integration within the UK.

Rt Hon Keith Vaz is a distinguished figure in British politics with a strong record of public service and a commitment to promoting human rights and integration within the UK.

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