Announcement of Partnership with IBCL in Luxembourg

Bridge India is delighted to announce an exclusive Partnership with the Indian Business Chamber of Luxembourg that will benefit both Bridge India and IBCL Members. This Partnership will enable all Bridge India Members to access IBCL’s events, activities and services, and vice versa.

IBCL is one of the leading International bi-lateral chambers of Luxembourg recognised by both, the Indian and Luxembourg authorities. It’s a non-profit, non-political and neutral organization fostering, enhancing and facilitating, as a two-way gateway, bilateral economic and business relationship in trade, finance, information technology, tourism, education and culture between India & Grand Duchy of Luxembourg including the Greater Region. 

IBCL’s Premier Sponsors include BNP Paribas and ING, with a wide range of Corporate Members including Allen & Overy, ArcelorMittal, PwC and Tata.

“Collaboration is essential for meaningful progress. IBCL is excited to embark upon this partnership with Bridge India and work towards deepening and widening the ties between India and Europe at multiple levels,” said Sudhir Kohli, President of the IBCL.

“Bridge India aims to highlight the ‘India Story’ abroad and help India watchers understand India better. Given the ongoing uncertainty in Westminster over the UK’s relationship with Europe, it is the right time to build a pan-European Membership offering for Bridge India Members in order to support knowledge exchange, business development and networking opportunities across the continent, with committed partners such as IBCL,” said Supriyo Chaudhuri, trustee of Bridge India.

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