PRESS RELEASE: IIBA and Bridge India agree reciprocal Membership to improve Members’ access to India opportunities

DUBLIN, 20 September: The Ireland-India Business Association (IIBA) and Bridge India are delighted to announce a collaboration that will help its Members better engage with market opportunities in India. From today, Members of either organisation will enjoy reciprocal Membership of the other organisation.

This will mean Members can attend more high-profile events, obtain personal introductions for trade opportunities, contribute to thought leadership, have articles exclusively published, and join working groups such as on aviation and aerospace, ICT, food and agriculture, education, energy and infrastructure.

As the global economy slows it is imperative for businesses and public policy professionals to continue to build partnerships across borders. India will be a $5 trillion economy in a few years, and both organisations are committed to helping their Members engage with it in a holistic manner.

Bridge India trustee Supriyo Chaudhuri said: “Bridge India differentiates itself is in being able to provide insights and access on a pan-Europe basis. Our Members range from Paris, to Amsterdam to Barcelona. This partnership provides an exciting opportunity for IIBA and Bridge India to facilitate and cultivate meaningful relationships that benefit both India and Europe.”

IIBA Chair NilaKanthi Ford said “At the IIBA, we have been working hard to facilitate effective bilateral trade relationships between Ireland and India. Since the Brexit referendum, we have also been actively engaging with the 800 or so Indian companies based in the UK.  Ireland provides an ideal business location for Indian companies looking to Europe and the USA.  We expect that the collaboration with Bridge India will bring business benefits for our members.”

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