Upcoming Events

UK India Energy Collabrations report launch

Report launch: UK-India Energy Collaborations

“I congratulate Bridge India for their initiative in bringing out this Report on the potential of India-UK collaboration in the energy sector. It is a timely and welcome addition to...

  • Location Zoom webinar
  • Date April 22, 2021
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UCUK 2021 Banner

Uganda-UK Trade and Investment Convention

Bridge India is delighted to be a supporter of the Uganda-UK Trade and Investment Convention (UCUK), which is one of the most important Ugandan investment events held annually in the...

  • Location Park Plaza Hotel, London Riverbank
  • Date September 10, 2021
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Past Events

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh independence

 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh independence, with NLTV and the Bangabandhu Writer and Journalist Forum UK. In the 1970 East Pakistan general election, its largest political party the...

  • Location Zoom webinar
  • Date March 24, 2021
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Quad event with Usanas Foundation

The Quad’s relevance to Indo-Pacific security order in the post-pandemic world

Following our earlier event on closer Indo-Pacific collaboration between the UK and India in the Quad, we engage stakeholders from across the world to discuss the importance of the Quad....

  • Location Cisco WebEx Webinar
  • Date March 21, 2021
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Security threats in India webinar

The visible threat of invisible actors: How the nature of national security threats in India is evolving

When we think of national security threats to India, we think of insurgency and terrorism, border disputes, protests and unrest within India, cyber warfare and potentially even the security of...

  • Location Zoom webinar
  • Date March 3, 2021
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Biden Administration priorities with India

One Month On: The Biden Administration’s priorities for USA-India Ties

India-US ties were elevated to “comprehensive global strategic partnership” during President Donald Trump’s visit to India in 2020. Just days before the presidential elections in November, the two countries held...

  • Location Zoom Webinar
  • Date February 22, 2021
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Webinar series: India’s foreign policy perspectives

2020 is a pivotal year for India-China relations, with the pandemic and border issues are catalysts for change. Likewise, will the pandemic, Brexit and the upcoming US Elections change global...

  • Location Zoom webinar
  • Date February 22, 2021
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Lockdown webinar series

Our COVID-19 webinar series

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Bridge India has hosted more than 20 webinars on Indian public policy, helping India-watchers better engage with India. (You will be able to all sessions on...

  • Location Webinars
  • Date February 18, 2021
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