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Policy Internship series in India

August 1, 2019 | -
  • Delhi, India


Policy Internship series in India  Policy Internship series in India

The Bridge India Policy Internship series will help British Indian diaspora and others engage with India in a unique manner, by facilitating and organising dynamic and exciting internship opportunities within the fields of public diplomacy and public policy in India.

Your responsibilities may include everything from working directly with grassroots organisations, local political parties, researching and drafting proposals and coordinating input into policy matters. Many of our internships will give you the opportunity to experience first-hand how public policy works in India.

You could be have the opportunity to substantially contribute to public diplomacy or outreach teams, and to serve on both short and long term projects. This could take a variety of forms, including on social media, online research, policy drafting, preparing briefings for Parliament, developing a knowledge of civil society groups, and coordinating with grassroots campaigners.

In a competitive, globalised world, get ahead with international experience in India, curated just for you.

How it works

1. Join our Mailing List at the bottom of this page.

2. Email us at with the following details: Name, Email, Phone, Citizenship, University, Degree course (including year), Age, Sex, Two Choices of Location in India (city), as well as a Cover Letter and CV.

3. Next, you will have an interview with one of our London-based Admissions team, so that we can make sure you have the right background for interning abroad. We will lend our expertise, help you prepare the right documentation and guide you in the right direction.

4. If we can guarantee you an internship, the next step is to enroll by submitting a program deposit. This will mean you’ve official chosen to join the program and to take on the challenge of living in a new country, with new people and in an exciting new field of opportunity!


We have a rolling intake starting from January 2019. However, we expect the bulk of our internships to be in Summer 2019, starting from July, when we expect to be able to offer up to 20 internships.

Is it right for you?

It’s important to first consider whether the program is right for you before taking the plunge. Here are some questions you may want to consider first.

1. Are you interested in how the government, public policy and public diplomacy landscape works in India?

2. Stipends for such internships tends to be very low. Would you be able to financially sustain yourself for the period abroad?

3. Is your priority to learn about the country and the culture, to increase your professional skills and further your career or to do something cool that you may not get to do later in life?

4. Do you have family or friends in India that you can stay with, or will you be jumping into the deep end on Day 1?

Get in touch right away, by emailing us at and starting an incredible journey.

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– Mahatma Gandhi